The NGO "Minsk Cycling Community" Enters the Green Network

Historically, the bicycle in Belarus was considered through the prism of sport. All of the cycling NGO's were sports-oriented, with no regard for the bicycle as a means of transportation. The NGO "Minsk Cycling Community" is the first officially registered organization in Belarus that promotes the bike as an ecological everyday transport option.

Given its well-defined ecological orientation, it was natural the Minsk Cycling Community to seek membership in the Green Network, the leading environmental association in Belarus.

Minsk, with its extra wide sidewalks and abundant green space, is an ideal city to build world class bicycle infrastructure wide sidewalks and lots of green areas. Today conditions for cycling in Minsk are rather pleasant. However, these conditions should be even better. Moreover, we have to convince a lot of people that the bicycle is a comfortable, dignified and promising means of transportation.

Partnership with the Green Network will help the Minsk Cycling Community to consolidate support for cycling initiatives and mobilize the environmental community to address transportation issues.