A market solution to the parking problem

Nowadays the deficit of parking places for cars is visible to the naked eye in Minsk. The government offers drivers a very valuable right to use the public land absolutely free of charge. Deficit is a natural result of a complete lack of conditions for the development of market relations.
Drivers are forced to look for other options because of the terrible lack of legal parking spaces. There is little choice, that’s why lawns and sidewalks turned into a unprompted free parking place. Ineffectual and outdated control system makes such violations almost unpunished.

Our proposal
The main object of the proposed program is to take radically new measures to reduce the causes of illegal parking:

• zonal payment for parking on public land, the payment is based on market principles (the balance of demand and supply);

• forming an entirely new structure of parking services;

• imposing the responsibility for the illegal parking on the car owners.

Phased introduction of the described measures requires close cooperation and coordination at all levels from legislative initiative till the technical implementation of the program.

To see news and details of the project, please visit the website of the Foundation “Ecotransport”.

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