MBC: Bike accidents

   Bike - not just a two-wheeled vehicle and a friend, but also a source of danger. Quite often cyclist crashes with a pedestrian, unsuccessfully jumps on the curb or collides with the car in the yard ... most of these accidents could be avoided if  the cause was established and later the problem could be solved. For example, we all know that in Minsk cyclists regularly get into accidents on the bridge near the Lenin street or on the bike track with each other due to poor lighting and lack of lights on the bike, also there are some particularly dangerous  yards, roads etc.
  However, there is no information about the same places in which the most accidents occurs involving cyclists. SRP (state road police) database only contains information about the road accidents, and this - only accidents involving at least one moving car or other motor vehicle. But most of  bike accidents – would be falls, collisions with pedestrians or cyclists. These accidents no one considers .
  MBC : bike accidents - an attempt to create a base of bike accidents, which would feature not only the "official" accidents, but all the others. Of course, not all of them will get to the site, but even a certain percentage of the total number allows you to see the big picture.
   If you fell/got into or you saw bike accident, or become aware of stealing a bicycle - let us know using the form on the website, twitter, email or a special mobile application.
We are Minsk Bicycling Community, in turn, will inform the relevant authorities about the need for action on dangerous places to ride a bike for the people was still a pleasure, not a challenge.

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