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Belarus Adopted the Concept of the Development of Cycling

In the belarusian cycling there was an event of the republican level –  in the country the National concept on the development of cycling has been adopted. What does it mean, what are the advantages and disadvantages in it and how will the ECF-member Minsk Cycling Community help to realize it to local authorities?

Learning and sharing experience

In 2017 Minsk Cycling community took part in several foreign cycling conferences and organized two international cycling conferences in Minsk.

ECF Leadership Programme and workshop in Zagreb

In 2017 Minsk Cycling Community was honored to become a participant of ECF Leadership Programme. The aim of the programme is to help cycling organizations to strengthen their influence on the regional and national government by providing them educational and financial support.

Cooperation with the United Nations in Belarus

Bike4SDGs, ‘Mind Over Matter’ bike ride and more…

European Mobility Week and Car Free Day in Minsk

"Bike to work" campaign, 'Fruits for cyclists', Night bike ride and other events, organized with the support of Minsk Cycling Community. 

Forum 'PraRovar' Will Take Place in Minsk

We invite you to participate in the forum "PraRovar". The event is dedicated to the development of cycling at the city and national levels. The forum will be held on 24-26 November 2017 in Minsk.

German Company Ortlieb Presented to Minsk Cycling Community Bags for Bicycles

Eight waterproof bags Ortlieb on the bike carrier were delivered by mail to the office of MCC. Members of the Minsk cycling community can use them to explore routes and for bike tours.

Why and for what? Naturally, not without initiative. One of the members of the Minsk Cycling Community, the famous cyclist Alexey Landres, has been cooperating with Ortlieb since 2015. The company supported him by sponsorship during one of his trips to Asia.

Birthday of the BikeKitchen "Garage 38"

Garage 38 is a community bike repair shop.
The place where people  help each other with bicycle repairs.
A place where interesting bicycle projects are born. A place where you are always welcome!
And there on 10 August at 19.00 we are going to celebrate our 4th Birthday together!
An interesting program is planned!

Veloslet - cyclists’ gathering will take place on 19-20 August

On 19-20 August the second festival for cyclists 'Veloslet' will take place in Shabli farmstead. Many cyclists come to the event to get inspired, share experiences, learn and relax on this summer weekend.

Project «Urban cycling in Belarus»

The article contains brief description of the project: its objectives, thematic modules, sequence of activities, expected results. 

Summer News of the Minsk Cycling Community

Bicycle parade, bicycle conference of Belarusian cities, presentation of the project "Development of urban cycling for public benefit in Belarus" and much more!

A new project on the development of urban cycling has been presented in Minsk

A new project on the development of urban cycling was introduced in Minsk, the capital of Belarus.  The project "Development of urban cycling for public benefit in Belarus" is designed for 30 months: started in March this year, completion is planned in August 2019. It is implemented by the Minsk Cycling Community and the Center for Environmental Solutions. To finance the initiative, the European Union granted more than 580 thousand euros.


BikeKitchen Minsk is Launched

The NGO Minsk Cycling Community launched the first "Bike Kitchen" community bike repair shop in the post-Soviet space.  BikeKitchen Minsk works in a converted garage in the center of the city.  More information at BikeKitchen.by

Partnership with Załoga Rowerowa ‘ZGRZYT’, Bełchatów, Poland

NGO ‘Minsk Cycling Community’ has signed a partnership agreement with Stowarzyszenie Załoga Rowerowa ‘ZGRZYT’, a cyclist organisation from Bełchatów, Poland.

Blueprint for the Development of Minsk Cycling Infrastructure -- Final Version

We have  published on our site the final version of the Concept for Bicycle Traffic as it was approved by the Minsk City Council in its 12 session on 23 December 2011.

This document defines the city's policy toward development of cycling in the coming years.  500 km of bicycles routes are planned, along with six cycling-tourist routes.  The document describes a package of measures that are necessary to reach these goals.

Minsk Bicycle Community Wins Grant Under the TANDEM Project

The NGO "Minsk Cycling Community" has won a grant under the TANDEM program "Cooperation for citizen participation and community development in the Republic of Belarus." Funding is provided by the European Union’s Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in Development programme.

More than 80 grant proposals were submitted, 10 of which were winners. Including our project "Cooperation of the local community and local authorities to create a micro-level bicycle infrastructure."

The NGO "Minsk Cycling Community" Enters the Green Network

Historically, the bicycle in Belarus was considered through the prism of sport. All of the cycling NGO's were sports-oriented, with no regard for the bicycle as a means of transportation. The NGO "Minsk Cycling Community" is the first officially registered organization in Belarus that promotes the bike as an ecological everyday transport option.

Given its well-defined ecological orientation, it was natural the Minsk Cycling Community to seek membership in the Green Network, the leading environmental association in Belarus.

Mark Your Favorite High Curb on the Map!

Now there is an online map, that allows any cyclist to mark his favorite high curb, car parked on the sidewalk, stairs or other barrier to normal cycling: http://kerbs.bike.org.by . With its help we can collect the information from many people and present it to the authorities. To add a new point you don't have to register, just click the exact location on the map and fill out the pop-up form.

The Site bike.org.by is launched

We are pleased to announce that our site http://bike.org.by is ready for its first public trial. A lot already works, but much more still needs to be done. So we ask you to make constructive suggestions and suggest your own ideas.

Press Release

Minsk is gradually becoming more like other European capitals. Maybe not in everything, but definitely in the number of bikes. According to recent estimates, this season on the streets of Minsk there will be more than 300,000 cyclists. To protect their interests a new NGO has been founded.