NGO "Minsk Cycling Community"

NGO "Minsk Cycling Community" Main Activities
Building Minsk for Bicycles

Our goal – a complete network of barrier-free bike routes.

NGO «Minsk Cycling Community» Main Activities
Bike Infrastructure Up To European Standards

The city of Minsk has ideal land use for creating world-class bicycle infrastructure – wide sidewalks and streets, expansive green zones.

NGO «Minsk Cycling Community» Main Activities
Safe and Convenient Parking

Bikes require little space for parking and are ecologically harmless. Despite that, Minsk city authorities provide parking places only for automobiles.

NGO «Minsk Cycling Community» Main Activities
Routes Outside the City

The creation and promotion of forest and field bike routes, including EuroVelo №2, which can attract international bike tourists.

NGO «Minsk Cycling Community» Main Activities

EuroVelo is a project financed by the European Union to create twelve long-distance bike highways through Europe. The EuroVelo Route №2 goes from Warsaw to Moscow through Minsk.

Excerpts from the Charter:

The subject area of the NGO "Minsk Cycling Community" is the development and promotion (propaganda) of cycling in the city of Minsk and the Minsk region, enhancing the role of the bicycle in the comprehensive and harmonious development of individuals, strengthening the public health, developing healthy lifestyles.

Modus operandi

  • participate in the development and implementation of national, regional and municipal development programs for cycling;
  • create information resources to collect and publish data on the status of bicycle infrastructure in the territory of Minsk region;
  • organize exhibitions, lectures, seminars, conferences, meetings, roundtables, symposia and similar events;
  • join international non-governmental associations and unions, establish and support direct international contacts and relationships;

Full Text of the Organization's Charter

Certificate of Registration: